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        Hemp bean dormitory is produced by CC&E WIN , PPTV exclusive area of innovation in the form of a network series. The films directed by budding filmmakers of the Mr Yellow , in which the south Korean star Jin Xianzhi、Mrs white、huang hua and Song Mengjun starring .Hemp bean dormitory mainly about six young model with dreams, in a stage of model specially trained in model dormitory life happened a series in stitches together the story of the play started, achieve such little peak ratings in Guangxi TV youth theatre, make an extraordinary level of interest and engagement among young women.

             After hemp bean dormitory 1 create millions of hits, anthracene phenanthrene resting by the thousands company brand name to Guangxi TV、 PPTV exclusive premiere of youth idol drama hemp bean dormitory 2 is being hit a week online, the net friend evalsuation as a very serious work, there are exquisite conception and full of enthusiasm, continuously to the modern young people to deliver positive energy, hemp bean dormitory 2 fit the current draft hot, with different character, show the youth breath that new broadcast hemp bean dormitory 2, will be the scene theatre goddess office story with such a dream in the warm southern city hemp bean star of 2 dormitory dormitory, the source of the dormitory is bearing the weight of the dream of most young people, as long as into the star's dormitory, will have the opportunity to become a versatile artist, and the final winner will get RMB 1 million worth of anthracene phenanthrene cosmetics face opportunity, at the same time in the entertainment circle performed from six young people, to talent as the background, different character, show the new youth.

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