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   In today's multilayers anddiverse marketing place, WIN adhere to the healthy and orderly marketing channel construction, coverage of the national cosmetic stores and business selling system.shops .as the ”Afrees”brand awareness and consumer approbated increase ,we will Will continue to gradually spread out the blueprint for the national market


Cosmetic stores/KA  POS/Pharmacies/ Shopping mall


1.   Agents must establish four people (or above) Full-time sales team responsible for product sales;

2.  Having a certain financial strength, which can guarantee the sustainable development of the relationship with the company;

3.  The region of distribute or agent have a sound sales network and agency force;

4.  Exclusive: agent to assure do the best of human, material and financial resources to promote the products , you should undertake not to sell any competitive and  grips  products of any other mannfactacturers ;

三、Supported by WIN

1.   Perfect quality assurance, Superior Service;

2.   We will assist in marketing planning, design and provide the brand image publicity materials , other promotional materials, help it to sell ,  delivered the commodity  in time ;

3.  Enter supermarket to support ;

4. Erminal supports .

          AFR é ES are looking forward to your join, interested parties can contact in different regions, director of the company, We are willing to work with you to join hands in creating a better future!

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