The Partner Conference of the spring and summer of 2013 in products

       On February 28, 2013 " The Partner Conference of the spring and summer of 2013 in products with FOSHAN WIN COMPANY COSMETIC CO .,LTD . and Guangxi TV strategic partnership signing ceremony" took place at the century hotel Shunde, Guangdong, dealers and franchise owners from various places around the country took part in the Conference .
                                                                                         Chairman of WIN Pan Bingxiong made a speech

        General Manager of WIN Company Ma Xiaoning was shared with the audience our brand of Afrees 2013 year new products about Excellent collagen in Green packing and Excellent collagen in men packing, the communal experience with an incredible journey to skin care .
                                                                    General Manager of WIN Ma Xiaoning delivered the warm address

                                                                                                       Taking pictures together

        WIN COMPANY exclusive skin care technology ---- brand new stone elements " lock magnet " series, including Witch Hazel oil and moisturizing, whitening, fresh, bright Green, sheer texture; "men in black" series, including men's stress good oil and vitality up series, fashion and retro shape make the audience's eyes light up .
                                                                                                                       New products

        At the Business Partner Conference, WIN Company began a relationship with the Guangxi TV, release and launched an Afrees advertising campaign of 2013 . It would be financed by WIN Company ,exclusive resting named youth inspirational drama hemp bean dormitory has 23 television stations broadcast across the country ,and will cover all late to 150 stations across the country . Afrees Star product 15 seconds with advertising played at the same time . Afrees Its name and then fashion youth inspirational drama hemp bean dormitory will broadcast in Guangxi TV .

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