Brand Afrees appearance at Guangdong International Beauty Expo

  From September 15th to 17 th,2013, The 39th Autumn Edition of Guangdong International Beauty Expo was held ,in the China,Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex B area, or Canton;Fair. The exhibition in hall 11.2 personal care products AD hocdaily chemical products purchasing area. Beauty expo and cosmetics to observe magazine have teamed up to creat for provide excellent cosmetic brand exhibition stage, and Channel distributors and dealers to provide one stop purchasing platform.
  As Organizers of the invitation, WIN company with concept store” the shop of future “and Afrees Excellent collagen series
products in the daily chemical products purchasing area 11.2 personal care products pavilion F11 grand appearance. WIN
company of daily chemical products purchasing area clearly marked where our company is located, product display and
advertising is particularly conspicuous.The Display props of concept store” the shop of future “——Excellent collagen care
center pocket type/tablet sales promotion and magic DuiTou are provided and designed by the team” the shop of future “ , Having a customer available close experience rich props flexible function. Excellent Collagen Whitening & Softening HAND
CREAM as a new bright spot on the exhibition, It produced so much favourable comment from a lot of agents. Many agents
also specially understanding more about anthracene phenanthrene hand cream product information and thousands of
specific policies for the product. For brand Afrees, this exhibition is approached agent store owner to present the brand
image of a very good opportunity, believe that we can for a successful landing of Afrees Excelent Collagen brand power.

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