Market Talk Phase the third Guerlain beauty ShiLing shop to make a block booking activities 

        Sichuan guerlain beauty ShiLing shop starting Nov. 15 to 17 launched to make a block booking activities .Content is to buy concentrate optional collagen products 70 RMB to, buy any original products sent a box of bird's nest 2 partial membrane, Sleep Mask on sale 49 RMB; Shopping with 60 in lucky draw one time, 120 smoke to push twice, the first prize is a limited edition hand cream set box, second prize is a hyaluronic acid chamfer gel, third prize is a green water locking magnes moisturizing lotion bottle of bone.

       Before the event ,We purchase and store manager and guerlain headquarters has carried on the depth of communication, get their full support, to store a serious planning and layout, build a strong activity atmosphere, make whole guerlain beauty like a golden sea .In front of the activity responsibility realization arriving, advance sale by those responsible for training.At five o 'clock in the afternoon began to enter sales promoters, sales situation is good, with the outstanding achievement of sales of nearly ten thousand RMB finally ended the first day of the event, cleansing foam were sold out, concentrate more than 30 boxes, hand cream with more than 20.

        During the campaign, the most main is the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work, on our supervision to guide field sales and promotional activities of publicity by shout, constantly attract customers into the store, using the timed specials have buy a send to buy full draw a number of promotional activities such as driving sales, majestic beauty guide of professional dedication and work attitude is worth everybody to learn, hope to continue and develop.

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