Market Talk Phase the fourth Liaoning tieling power only cosmetics

        Liaoning tieling power only cosmetics - on November 15 to17th, carried out a three-day sales promotion, during the activity, every purchase of limited amount of products during the activity of the customer can get rich products, also launched a buy one, get one filled with more than one RMB a reduction etc many preferential countless main promotional material for the event:
        1. Purchasing Afrees ossein glue immediately add 1 RMB to send 1 Excellent Collagen anti-aging & revitalizing whitening facial treatment 10 ml;
        2. Purchase any kind of Afrees ossein skin itching embellish system dew (200 g / 150 g) sent 100 g a hand cream; Any kind of Afrees Excellent Collagen moisturizing body lotion 300 g, send Excellent Collagen intensive nourishing shower gel;
        3. Afrees Hand cream to buy one, get one free, Add 1 RMB to send one;
        4. Shopping with 28 RMB+ 10 RMB, rushed value 19.9 RMB mask a box; With 58 RMB on card minus 10 RMB. The full 99 RMB on card minus 10 RMB, etc.

        The promotion has achieved good results, not only greatly enhance the agents of Afrees brand confidence, also to improved the cosmetics in local visibility .In the promotion, thanks to the clerk and the manager's support vigorously, the implementation of various preferential policies .The second is the agent area manager is also very hard. Dedicated opens to booking a card in the activity in the preparatory work is very full, also is the main reasons for the success of this activity, coupled with the assistant group match for distribution, each other mutual progress, from single to pull people into that shop are very efficient, motivated .

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