Advent story rushed goddess god send

        “The Goddess Office” resting by WIN and its name Afrees Excellent collagen which to be China's first Multiple highly linked Large urban youth comedy for all year,have been landed on November 25, Guangxi TV, and synchronization in PPTV . The play tells the story of four different character but also has all kinds of failure of young women together, set up a e-commerce company.After hiring, three men gorgeous debut! Four goddess and three male,.Individual character make public, the youth set sail. A romantic venture comedy young attitude is unfolding, The goddess of office members will use their own success to prove. This is the age of the goddess of their faith ,they believe that get together , nothing is impossible!
        Character introduction:
        Tall tall decorated returnees yujie
        When working in a foreign country to which the collapse of hoodoo. Personal ability is very strong, but always luck, met a lot of bad things mother faking it lie to return, return bad luck still follow a runaway from home after work with her three female education, to build a company active modern woman, slightly bitter, but he has a kind heart always striving for perfection, meet a strong, strong, with weak, under the condition of starting my own business, have to convergence character, businessmen gradually mature personality
        Linke Tong Wen Guan decorated voluptuous woman
        To open taobao shop, too lazy to want to short-cut gold collapse of online stores, but are often fake Grosvenor LTD handsome cheat money cheating color spoiled narcissism, doing business often trapped in the dilemma and don't even know it head and clever, but super lazy under the condition of starting my own business, gradually mature personality.
        Jia Jia rain rain female ornaments sun
        Jia rain for activists during the university, facing graduation, feel very confused , after see the goddess's office had no requirements and recruiting then think to the identity of the interns into the company, after finding one's way into the company, strong enthusiasm but reckless impulse adjacent home girl like the sunshine, love movies, literature pursue nowadays new things and way of life is not yet mature and stable, but she always focus on the positive.
        Yiyi purple ornaments purple sweet beauty and easy
        Rich girl, evelyn prentice, starchaser ,cuisine, keen on all kinds of talent show and be familiar with the current trend. Herbal remedies on, like fantasy caring but no patience and no dedication ecru authenticity. The True Colours do not understand the established communication on social etiquette, not a lot of behavior constraints.Craze for certain things easily, also easy disdain to do something .It is generally pretty half-hearted .
        Wang Zheng man show Wang Xuezheng
        Used to be a successful sales, but because looks handsome and often harassed by male boss or male customers, the government has a big man in traditional mentality, self-righteous and arrogant representative after 75, high-end products (car high-tech) (only for high-grade products) sales elite thought is the god of the workplace, failure because of his talent, not good display platform, but his character flaws: obviously won't be working with people,  try to shift the blame to somebody else .with four women work for the company, review each other, get to know their own problems.
        Zhao Yuxin and Zhao Yi boy
        Make a person in the society, any work done, through continuous change of jobs has accumulated a lot of interpersonal relationship, which has a strong connections and social relations . In his bones is not confident inside, but like hit swollen face depth, easy cynicism, insecure living in their own world, to pull the audience into the theater after 80, realistic, when in trouble, company is always the first to call off, that's a very noble ideal wants to build the world's largest orphanage.
        The morning sunshine handsome little decoration White Hart
        Because the relationship between age and slightly immature, but like with ice cool and good to dress up yourself like cold jokes to amuse you happy, inner calefaction, hate others said after his handsome 90, very talented and don't even know it, the surface often do some boring things please refer to the guangxi TV broadcast 23:00 every night, 23:30 PPTV synchronization update, working on a male god goddess joy coming soon!
        Afrees, Youthful Bliss !

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