A magic weapon for winning How to use the atmosphere Up-Sell

        It’s a lot of people using hanging flags and post do atmosphere, but how to do can achieve the best effect, how to attract the eyes of the customer? Please follow the below image-text of the graphic to share a magic weapon for winning of our Afrees sichuan team in guerlain beauty make a block booking activities.

        More and more cosmetic stores now facing these difficulties:stores are difficult to find, transfer fee is more expensive, the rent is higher and higher, the personnel cost increases year by year, profit is lower and lower. In the face of these problems cosmetic shop owner will make necessary adjustment to their shops, such as a reduction in the number of counters (counters advertising area is large, but can only to a representative for the shop of products ; But just only give the products and spokesperson. Increase the SKU display and product display , reducing rents in disguised form; To form their own special decorate a style, or for the entire store outputs, such as WIN company's the shop of future , In the possibility to use the space to display products with Pillars and door ornaments ……This creates the product terminal packing becoming increasingly difficult to do, posters increasingly difficult to post, because the store has no place to do packaging manufacturer.
        But we will see there is some place to do, is in the heavens and the earth these positions cannot display products, also gave us the opportunity to do the store packaging, especially when doing activities, the limited space has become the better tools do atmosphere rendering.

        Thought is not equal to do it.How to post do atmosphere using hanging flags and post to attract the attention of customers for best results use , But things are not so simple now.
        First of all,  first choice of color must be the bright ,such as yellow and red, can attract the attention of the customer, and color should be unified; Secondly emphasized subject; Thirdly information should be clear and concise; The fourth highlight main products; 5 do important; Sixth remove debris and other relating to the invisible atmosphere and stereo microphones shouted matt LED display of multimedia video broadcast beauty and the dress of Beauty steering .

        Afrees guerlain beauty of sichuan team doing activities, the main energy in the atmosphere:
        1. Hanging flag.  We will only do hand cream , Yellow at the end of the scarlet letter:

        2. The post of gallery . Do most aggressive products, Such as buy 5 concentrate choose 70 yuan of bone glue the original ones:

        3  The hall to post. Mainly for content , such as lottery information, promotion information:
        4.Key Points. The difference between concentrate, essence, essential oil, make customers have a more profound understanding for our original liquid:

        5.Ark packaging and publicity of DM single deposit:
        6. Set up the trial zone:

        7.In a conspicuous locations of the lucky dip:

        Guerlain beauty has own brand, guerlain headquarters usually will give other cosmetic store clerk issued its own brand task . Other cosmetic stores also have this problem, such as store owner has its own profit . More valuable products. The clerk would increased the customer volume to accomplish their task . Our Afrees products are mainly concentrated in the mid-priced, they would not recommend first, even grab customers , and this will cause the passive .We focus on the atmosphere, through the packaging and construction, with the yellow waves atmosphere rendering activities, Transfer activity and product information to the customer.,their eyes will always be attracted by our publicity no matter they are in the shop or store, then consult the beauty guide understand choice, even the impulsive purchase and then work with careful deployment, Afrees sichuan team at guerlain beauty ShiLing store has won every first make a block booking activities,The sales of three days activity accounted for guerlain beauty ShiLing store 68% of overall sales for three days.The copies activities by guerlain beauty gold flower, also has got some satisfactory results .

        Therefore, product saless good or not, brand doesn’t enjoy much prestige or not and television advertising campaign big or not, but the event of the layout of atmosphere build momentum and employees of passion, the beauty of our guide daily work time is 9 o’clock to 22:00, high sales not only created by promotion techniques, but also rely on our work long hours and passion for work. In their eyes, there is no goods will never sell, and our Excellent  Collagen is now become a household word brand, the original customer acceptance is higher and higher. As long as you work hard, returns must be beyond your imagination!

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