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   Recalling the past, emerged years
    For a long time, the public care market has been difficult for the domestic brands shake dominated by international brands, so many domestic brands have turned to professional care market, introduced a number of personal care products with special effects, and sometimes contending competitive.
    Gain, focusing in the field of cosmetics collagen for 20 years, the role of collagen in the personal care of accumulated rich experience. After extensive market research, in 2011, Wan Ying, with its strong R & D strength, to professional care market put a bomb - anthracene phenanthrene eugenics Collagen shampoo and hair care products.
    This series of products for the first time collagen and personal care products combine thoroughly clean hair in guaranteed on the basis of nourishment by deep roots of collagen supplement collagen hair loss, improve hair quality resulting dry, itching, dandruff and other issues.

    Unique product launch market, which was warmly welcomed by consumers, causing the strong market response, formidable winning half of the professional care market. When consumers get recognized also been affirmed by the professional research institutions.
    2013, the Guangdong Academy of excellent quality brand that is granted anthracene phenanthrene shampoo "Guangdong Famous Brand" honorary title.
    Show the future, your career   
    Time flies, harvest huge success, anthracene Philippines did not stop the pace of progress, immersed in the joy of success among past.
    2014, anthracene, phenanthrene hand in Germany Rolf Lentfer laboratory, Asian hair is easily damaged, dry, dandruff and more serious issues such as oil made ​​a thorough research. On this basis, anthracene, phenanthrene using German technology for personal care products, collagen original recipe for a new upgrade:
    For the crowd easily damaged dry hair, from the "wash, nursing, baking, raising the" four aspects, launched the "eugenics collagen nourishing conditioning shampoo and hair care series" products, to improve the hair from the root, "dry, edgy, rough , split, brittle, dull, "the six issues;
    For head itch, heavy oil, dandruff and more people, from the "wash, nursing, baked, net" four-pronged approach, the introduction of "eugenics collagen and smooth dandruff shampoo and hair care series" products, in clean hair of ten heavy protection while providing the following:. .. .. a fresh suppression of oil; 2 conditioning scalp; 3 nourish hair follicles; 4 tough hair core; 5 restore elasticity; 6 smooth frizz; 7 to prevent bifurcation; 8 nourishment. supple; 9 easy to comb; 10 healthy and glossy.


Eugenics collagen to nourish conditioning shampoo and hair care series

    Eugenics Conditioning Shampoo nourishes collagen: Germany conservation technology breakthrough hair, add nutrients eugenics collagen and hair nourishing ingredients Vitamin B5 (panthenol), creatine, clean the hair in, reproduce abundance of silky hair!

    Eugenics Collagen Conditioner nourish conditioning: Germany Rolf Lentfer laboratory specializes in eugenics collagen and vitamin B5 (panthenol), silk protein (silk extract) as the main nutrients, effectively repair cuticle, protecting hair to create film, nourish hair follicles, hair restoration, hair luster to reproduce!

    Eugenics collagen to nourish conditioning hair mask massage SPA: from the German breakthrough hair conservation formula contains nutrients eugenics collagen and hydrolyzed keratin, silk protein peptide (silk extract), creatine and other conditioning cream run support , Primal repair hair structure, hair root nutrition!  
     Eugenics Collagen Essence nourish nutrition, water conditioning (disposable type): from the German breakthrough hair conservation formula contains nutrients eugenics and collagen lip hair partially hydrolyzed keratin develop, hydrolyzed silk, collagen supplement hair required protein and micronutrients, extravagance keep the scalp thoroughly improve hair!

   Collagen eugenics dandruff shampoo and hair smooth series
    Collagen Smooth eugenics dandruff shampoo: Germany breakthrough net hair formula, rich foam contains collagen eugenics nutrients and anti-dandruff cream ZPT (zinc pyrithione ium), Climbazole (climbazole), adsorption parcel of dirt , excess oil and dandruff, easy to wash, make hair smooth and refreshing, reproduce chipless glory!

    Collagen eugenics smooth dandruff conditioner: Germany Rolf Lentfer laboratory specializes, contains collagen eugenics, histidine nutrients and anti-dandruff ingredient pyrithione double, from the inside out to restore a healthy balance of the scalp and prevent head crumbs regeneration and oil secretion disorders, dry the hair supple!

    Collagen eugenics smooth dandruff hair mask massage SPA: Germany Rolf Lentfer laboratory specializes Sharon level scalp care, eugenics collagen, hydrolyzed keratin protein and nutrients dandruff cream double pyrithione direct effect on the stratum corneum, maintenance hair core, the hair dazzling!
    Eugenics collagen scalp conditioner condensate extraction liquid (disposable type) (suppression fresh oil, conditioning the scalp): Germany Rolf Lentfer laboratory specializes in a variety of plant extracts and rich vitamins, provide the necessary conservation essence hair condensate extraction, 10 weight given to hair protection: a fresh suppression of oil; 2 conditioning scalp; 3 nourish hair follicles; 4 tough hair core; 5 restore elasticity; 6 smooth frizz; 7 to prevent bifurcation; 8 nourishment. .. .. .. supple; 9 easy to comb; 10 healthy and glossy.

    February 28, held in Nanning on anthracene phenanthrene new conference, a new eugenics hair care products Collagen grand debut. As soon as he appeared, that is stunning the audience, the instantaneous ignite the enthusiasm of participants dealer orders, have made ​​up, to create a single category of over one million live orders good results!
    Looking ahead, the new eugenics care collagen product launch, will detonate the professional care market once again, creating a new era of anthracene phenanthrene professional care market. At the time of the new salon experience for consumers, but also for anthracene phenanthrene, a bright future for the agency under the shops!



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