Anthracene phenanthrene make full category display props, set off the king of retail sales

    May 7 - May 9, anthracene phenanthrene image store will appear in a whole new image beauty expo in Shanghai.   
    The participant, anthracene phenanthrene will not only to new image interpretation anthracene phenanthrene it's good to "young" brand concept, will also with novel display and unique items for you unlock secrets about the anthracene phenanthrene shop popular in China's future!   
    Anthracene phenanthrene props team at the world fashion trend, a large number of international vision to develop unique display props, perfect show a feature of the product itself, not only will anthracene phenanthrene health fashion concept of personal care show incisively and vividly.   
    Let us here, the first glimpse of anthracene phenanthrene new items in advance!   
  Fashion concise wash protect series floorstand
    With thick black as the primary colors, elegant gold ornament and green silk thread and send two different ways of nursing. Glittering digital clearly expresses the hair four steps of the nurse daily, corresponding steps products displayed to you on how to care with a beautiful hair.
    The vertical plane design is concise, simple structure, visual effect is outstanding, a play, focus will be the whole shop.

  Cool BB cream tray
    Golden, black colour is tie-in, plus a few meters in the style of cartoon characters, presents a cool fashion style for you.

  Small and pure and fresh paper mask hanging rack
    The helicopter good fit mask and selling point to the product orientation, modelling concise, straight with a soft, Jimmy's cartoon style, highlights the thick small and pure and fresh style.
    The rack material is qualitative light, structure compact, easy to hang in the island area, such as facilitate consumers take to buy.
  Creative hand cream magic box
    Big and transparent palm print is like a pair of big eyes set in the fat, on the box below the mouth just like a little baby open the small mouth, while the inside is full of beautiful hand cream, but he still wants you to feed!
    It looks like kawaii, isn't it make you excited? If you take a hand cream through opening, it'll be out of the fat inside the body to throw a patch!

  Slender slim embellish system floorstand
    It is as slim as you figure, yet full of enchanting amorous feelings. Simple modelling, light material, which allows you to right where you want to place!
  Sexy enchanting inclined plate sales promotion
    Rounded body, let it looks so sexy. High-grade transparent acrylic, all exhibit its enchanting. It is not only beautiful shape, and display effect, no dead Angle of 360 degrees, standing where I can see it in the palm of the product. Overhead billboard, to convey the information display, customers into the store to see, is your whole store sales promotion tool!
    May 7 - May 9, Shanghai beauty expo E3H21 - E3H30 thousands anthracene phenanthrene booth, you must come oh!!!!!

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